Brexit the Movie

This is a must watch for everyone who is still undecided which way to vote in the 23 June referendum and some eye-opening facts about the anti-democratic nature of the EU.


Gina Miller – again!

Is there no end to the lengths this person – who now thinks she is a superwoman – to overrule the democratic vote we had in the UK to leave the corrupt EU.  Sponsored no doubt by Blair and Branson.




Remainers – Stop Whingeing!!

With thanks to Raheem Kassan for the following:

Blair (1997) got 13.5m votes;
Major (1992) got 14m;
No2AV (2011) 16m;
Yes to Common Market (1975) got 17.378m;
Cameron (2010) got 10.7m;
Cameron (2015) got 11.3m;
VoteLeave (2016) got 17.410m.
I don’t remember people trying to invalidate these mandates because one side ‘told lies’, I don’t remember calls for the Tories to be accommodating to Labour or vice-versa, I don’t remember No to AV being told to be accommodating to YES, and I don’t remember the winning side ever being told ‘oh, but it was close, so it doesn’t really count’.
Largest popular mandate ever in the democratic history of the UK. Respect it, and work to make Britain a better place instead of talking us down and spitting dummies out because you’re disappointed.

EU Dictatorship

The Euro Elites have now granted themselves the power to take away a country’s voting rights within the EU if the people dare to elect a government which they do not approve of! Can it get any worse? Probably, they will ban all elections next no doubt.  Let us at least in the UK leave this anti-democratic club.  Will we have to save Europe again for a third time?

Dictating what we watch

The EU is now dictating to privately owned companies Netflix and Amazon as to their content.  They want 20% of all films to be European.  I have no problem with watching some European TV programmes or films as there are some very good ones.  The subtitles can be difficult and not entirely true to what the actors are saying.  However, dictating what we watch is the next step towards 1984!